How to make the right skirting choice

When it comes to purchasing skirting it can be very difficult to know where to begin. There are so many options from so many different places. Here at skirting board we have loads of options but the great thing is that many of them are unique to us and you can’t find them anywhere else on the market. It’s great to have something different to everyone else even if it is something as simple as skirting.

So, check the skirting boards .com site out to get a feel for what profile you’d like in your home and what type of finish. Don’t forget to have a good think about it and if there are a few that you like and you can’t choose from you can always ask us to send you some samples so that you can see which one goes best in your home.

If you’re stuck for an idea what about this lovely oak profile?

Don’t forget that we do most profiles in any other the finished options so don’t worry about mixing and matching. Go on check out site today and have some fun with out skirting boards!

Put your old skirting board to good use.

Unfortunately, as we all know you’re not able to reuse skirting boards once they’ve been taken off the wall as often they are damaged in removal but don’t be disheartened. Although you will have you order new skirting boards you can use a skirting board in a few other situations so it doesn’t completely go to waste. It can be used as kindling for your fire to keep you warm in this awful weather at the moment. It can also be used as scrap wood to fix other things on your DIY project list. Along with that a skirting board can also be used to help make a rabbits cage or run but don’t forget to remove any nails still attacked or any glue. Don’t forget that best thing you can do in any situation is think outside the box so that you make the best decision. So go on purchase some new skirting boards and put your old ones to go use.

Spice up your life with new skirting boards

When you’re redecorating or changing your carpet don’t forget once you’ve taken off the skirting boards it’s not really possible to use them again as a skirting board. Often they’ll get damaged when being pulled off so make sure you’ve taken the cost of new skirting boards into account when you price up having a new floor laid or having your room redecorated. Having said this although it is an additional expense which sometimes you could do without when you’re already paying for other stuff it’s nice to have a completely fresh look and you’d be surprised at how different a room can look with new skirting boards. I would expect you’ve got white painted skirting board all around your house right? It’s common but why not try having a simple non-painted high wooden skirting board for a bit of modern elegance. Check out our profiles today!

Get the kids helping you with skirting boards

This horrible weather really makes it difficult to get the family out for the day and if you don’t force the children out of the house you’ll often find them sat in front of the television or playing on a computer game which is never good for them. If you’re struggling to keep the kids entertained without a screen in front of them have you thought about getting them to help you with little jobs around the house? Although they may moan at first it’s good for them to appreciate how much work needs to be done around the house. I’m not telling you to treat them like slaves but they can also end up being really proud of the hard work they’ve put into completing a tack, especially if it’s a ‘grown ups’ job! If you’re fitting skirting boards this weekend why not get them to help. Skirting boards aren’t heavy so it’s not like they’ll struggle to handle a skirting board and if you’re securing them to the wall with glue there is no reason why they can’t get their hands dirty. As the skirting board shouldn’t really need changing they won’t need to be involved with heavy tools so get them involved this weekend! Let us know how you get on 🙂

Get new skirting boards to lighten up your room.

At we come out of the horrible winter weather where we’re all cooped up indoors and we begin to venture out at the weekends into the milder weather we begin to access our homes and decide up changes that should be made. They may be new ideas or DIY projects you’ve put to the back of your mind over the winter but regardless of their origin we begin to get agitated and wish to make our homes look more presentable for the coming summers entertaining. If you’re thinking of brightening up entertaining rooms in your home have you thought about getting new skirting boards? It may sounds like a simple idea but new skirting boards can give a room a really clean and fresh look. You may not appreciate it’s the skirting boards giving it that appearance but regardless it will do it. Purchasing a good quality skirting board can mean you’ve got years and years of a fresh looking home. By keeping your skirting board in a natural state and not painted it can give a un-fussy and simple look. Visit today to pick your model.

Skirting Boards don’t have to be boring

When it comes to skirting boards I always used to thing there was only one type of skirting board, I suppose I’d never looked too closely. Until I really cared about what went in my home I just saw it as something which was put against the wall at the bottom. Now I appreciate that different skirting boards suit different periods in the home. Different sizes can look in different situations too and you can really take pride in a good quality skirting. Next time you’re doing work on your home don’t forget to check out your skirting boards and see whether something a little different will look better. If you’re stuck for ideas visit our site today at Don’t forget our friendly sales team are at hand to help you with your choose. Have a great day! 🙂